The Rooksbury unit provides support for 45 people who may have a dementia type condition or a mental health condition. 
The Sister and staff who work on Rooksbury recognise that the circumstances that bought you to us have been difficult and represent a complete change in your life.
We are committed to providing an environment of loving acceptance where your personality is discovered, nurtured and respected. We will respect you for your individuality and the life you have led. We will ensure our activities reflect your likes and preferences. We will listen to you and ensure you drive how the unit is run.

We hope to learn from your experiences and knowledge. We will acknowledge your gifts and qualities.
An exchange of stories from you and your family and friends, in the form of a life history, is encouraged. A picture can be formed of what we can do to truly ensure you have individually tailored person centered care. 
Everyone who has contact with Rooksbury is welcome and we want them to feel included. Our aim is to provide a family like atmosphere which promotes openness, sharing and inclusion.